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This forum is for discussions about topics related to Phantasy Star Universe & PSP2i, such as gameplay, modding, etc.
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 Guardians Terminal Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: Guardians Terminal Rules & Guidelines   Guardians Terminal Rules & Guidelines Minicl105/24/2021, 5:18 am

Specific Rules everyone needs to follow within ForumMotion

✘ No Sexual and/or pornographic content
✘ No Hateful abusive content
✘ No Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
✘ No Drugs and any other illicit substances
✘ No Copyright infringement
✘ No Hacking
✘ No Spam
✘ No Phishing and/ or malware website
✘ No Credit card fraud

Detailed Rules for Guardians Terminal

Personal Information & Personal Issues
Please do not post your full name, address, phone number, etc on the Forum. We try to keep the forums safe for all users.

Spam & Double/Triple Posting
We do not allow spam here. Spamming is anything pointless or off-topic. This rule includes many sub-rules. All posts must be at least three words in length. If your post is not longer than three words, then you risk a warning. All topic titles must relate to the topic. Deleting your post and then re-posting it is not allowed.

Double or Triple Posting is not allowed. That is when you post two or three times in a row. If you accidentally post twice in a row, a moderator will delete the post.

There is an Edit Post button if you need it.

Bumping is when one posts in a topic that has not been posted in for two weeks or more. Please do not bump. The only exceptions are for those who have an art gallery and have added new pictures to it or the topic is a sticky topic.

Back-Seat Moderating
Backseat moderating is trying to enforce the rules when you are not an administrator or moderator.
Example :
User 1 : Hey Guys
User 1 : What's up?
User 2 : Don't double post. It's against the rules.

Attitudes & Trolling, etc
There is to be no threatening, bullying, discrimination, or negativity towards anyone. This is including racism, sexism, trolling, sexual preference, or anything that the Staff may deem as such.

Do not talk about Violence to another person of any kind on this Forum.

Religion & Politics
Please keep all Religion and Politics out of the Forum. No ifs, ands, or buts about that.

Phantasy Star Drama & Personal Issues
I'm aware of the constant drama that has been going on within PSU; Please keep any/all personal issues outside of this Forum.

If you do need help or advice, please by all means ask for help. But please keep the details out of the this Forum. Private messages are a great way to ask for help. Many of us will help!

You only can advertise Youtube, PSO2 Alliances, Twitter, etc. Do not spam links through posts, chat, or private messages. This is a serious rule and will be taken seriously.

NSFW & Inappropriate Pictures
You may not post inappropriate pictures.

Multiple Accounts
We do not allow Multiple Accounts here. Brothers & sisters can have different accounts, but other than that users may only have one account. If a user is found with multiple accounts, all the accounts will be banned. Please contact me if you have a reason on why need another account.

Username Changes
Usernames can be changed by clicking the profile link in the navigation bar. They can be changed whenever, but we suggest no more than once a month. If you change your name too often, action will be taken. Please also put your old username in your signature so everyone knows who you are!

Avatar / Signature Limits
Avatars and signatures must not stretch the page in any way. Signatures may only have one or two images that aren't very tall. 300 px is about the max that a signature should be, otherwise use a spoiler.

No topics about users saying how cool they are or how un-cool they are. Posting is not everything.

Threads Towards One User
Threads about or toward one user are not allowed here. We have a private message system for this reason.

Goodbye & Leaving Topics
Do not post a topic about you leaving or taking a break from the forum.

Meet-up Topics
Just use Chatbox, Discord, Skype, Steam, etc. Meet-up topics just create a mess in the forum sections.

Hacking Discussion
Hacking is not allowed here.

Discussing free downloading of paid products such as Photoshop or games is not allowed. This also goes for discussing free music downloads.

Free Accounts / Meseta / N-Meseta / etc
Almost all of this is a scam, and it is against the terms of service of for most games. This discussion is banned and you will receive a warning for posting this.

Chatbox Rules
All of the above rules do apply in the chatbox, but the chatbox is a bit more laid back. Do not spam or abuse the chat or you will be chatbox banned.
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Guardians Terminal Rules & Guidelines
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